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Bronchitis Hund - Bronchitis

Symptoms: Bronchitis is the inflammation of the tubes that lead from the throat to the lungs. The swelling has the tendency to hamper the process of breathing due to the fact that phlegm has the tendency to stick to its insides. Tamiflu for the treatment of influenza in the area on asthma issues in diagnosing acute bronchitis too, however the following treatments are being repeated here for the benefit of the readers.

After relief is obtained the patient ought to take to natural feeding due to the fact that if that is refrained from doing, the illness is most likely to recur and it may end up being persistent. Breathing workouts, a friction sponge (rubbing the body with a hand towel dipped in water and wrung out) ought to be taken twice or thrice regular.

  • Treatment: The patient from bronchitis should quick for as long as the intense symptoms last.
  • He should just take water and orange juice.
  • An all fruit diet should be taken when the fever attendant upon bronchitis has gone down and the breathing is much easier.
  • A lot salt bath every night or alternative nights will be helpful during the intense stage of illness.
  • A damp pack should be used to the upper part of the chest every day.
  • Hot towels (dipped in hot water and wrung out) applied to the chest are also practical.
  • The phlegm sticking to the insides of the bronchial tubes will be dislodged and the victim will feel an immediate relief in breathing.
  • After the hot compresses, a cold compress needs to be applied.


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